Debt Assessment

We can help you create a debt management plan by completing the following  questionnaire:
One of our friendly consultants will send you a free debt assessment within 48 hours after you have submitted your form .


    Personal Details

  • Power of Attorney

  • Bernidene Thieroff (CS Debt Counselling) and
  • AND WHEREAS the client has requested that the above consultant on his/her behalf with Regards to the client's creditors; WHEREFOR the client hereby grants a mandate to inter alia:
    1. To obtain any records from the client, his/her creditors and / or credit bureau to assist them with any related queries on their credit agreement
    2. To submit all information to all registered credit bureaus, when requested.
    4. If applicable to this application rescind the clients debt review order .
    5. If applicable to this application , assist the client to be declared him/her not over indebted by referring the matter to court
    6.To issue a dispute on behalf of the client and register a complaint in terms of regulations 50 of the NCA
    7. To issue a dispute on behalf of the client to remove any or all default judgments and listings from their credit report
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  • Tuition

  • Food & Living

  • Transport

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  • Financial Services

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  • Other

    Clothing Accounts / Hair Care / Savings / Cigarettes / Gifts / Emergency Fund
  • Credit Cards and Loans

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