Debt Counselling

Are you over indebted ? Struggling to pay your monthly debt?

Contact us today , We can help you.

What is Debt Counselling ?

Debt counselling is one of the debt relief measures available in South Africa and provided for in the National Credit Act.

This process is intended to assist over-indebted consumers struggling to manage their finance due to unforeseen circumstances by restructuring their monthly debt repayments into more affordable instalment .

What will we do to help you?

  • We will assess your income and expenditure to determine if you are over- indebted
  • We will assess your monthly insurance products to see if we can save you money
  • We will investigate reckless lending if you require it
  • We will negotiate more affordable instalments with your creditors
  • We will refer your matter to court to obtain a court order
  • We will assist you with your credit agreement queries
  • We will assist you with an additional payment plan to pay off your debt faster after one year
  • We have an unique revising programme specially designed for our clients balance queries
  • We will issue you a clearance certificate if you have paid up all your unsecured credit agreements

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Debt Counselling

  • Gain more control over your finances
  • We will negotiate more affordable installments with your creditors
  • Debt Counselling protects your assets if you pay according to your agreement
  • Debt counselling prevent legal action if you pay according to your agreement
  • You can become debt free , if you follow the process correctly

Disadvantages of Debt Counselling

  • You cannot apply for new credit or use your current credit agreements while you under DC
  • You will be listed on the Credit Bureau that you have applied for debt counselling.
  • You will have to rebuild your credit score when you exit the process
  • You may loose your assets if you do not pay according to your new payment arrangements
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