Debt Management

Debt Management

Your first step to unlock your financial freedom is to develop a debt management plan. You will be able to evaluate your current financial position and set smart financial goals to help you become debt free .

We can help you create a debt management plan by completing the following  questionnaire:

You can also develop your own debt management plan by using the following templates:

  1. BudgetAn estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time
  2. Debt to Income RatioDTI ratio is a calculation based on your recurring income and debt repayments. Your DTI ratio measures your ability to manage your debt repayment and plays an important role in the calculation of your credit score
  3. Basic over indebt calculationOver in debt calculations is used to determine your ability to repay your debt .
  4. Debt repair calculatorThe Debt repair calculator will help you work out a payment plan to repay your debt (Email Us to get the repair calculator)

You will receive a free credit report if you complete our free debt assessment questionnaire  and insurance questionnaire

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